Project 12 - A Speedometer Display

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Project 12 - A Speedometer Display

This project shows how to draw a speedometer using the CleO Graphics Primitive commands Bitmap() and Needle().





This project uses the following component(s) -


Rotary Pot IO



Wiring Diagram



Project 12 -Speedometer Display





The Setup() routine starts by loading the bitmap file. Here is the sample code snippet -


int16_t dial;

void setup() {


 dial = CleO.LoadImageFile("@Pictures/speedo.png", 0);



The loop() routine takes the reading from the analog pin A0 and maps this value to gauge the value using the gauge_angle() function. The rescale() routine is used to map any value between (0, 1023) to (-2, 263). Now the mapped angle value is used to draw the needle. Here is the sample code snippet -


void loop() {

 int f = FONT_MEDIUM;           // Font for numbers

 int analog = analogRead(0);   // sample analog pin A0

 int angle = gauge_angle(analog);

 int cx = 240;                 // X center

 int cy = 160;                   // Y Center




 CleO.BitmapTransform(1.60, 0);

 CleO.Bitmap(dial, cx, cy);


// Red needle



 CleO.NeedleXY(cx, cy, 190, angle);





// Rescale x from the range (x0, x1) to the range (y0, y1)

float rescale(int x, int x0, int x1, int y0, int y1) {

 x = max(x0, min(x1, x));

 return y0 + ((x - x0) * long(y1 - y0) / float(x1 - x0));



float gauge_angle(int x) {

 return rescale(x, 0, 1023, -2, 263);