Tutorial 21 - CleO Resource Utility(PC Tools )

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Tutorial 21 - CleO Resource Utility(PC Tools )

The CleO PC Tools is a GUI based application running on Windows 7 and above platform. This application facilitates the CleO users to convert various data items (such as Image, Audio, Video, Icon, Font, etc.) into the CleO format.  Also, this application enables users to perform a CleO firmware upgrade easily over the USB DFU interface.


The following are some of the key features of the PC Tools -




Image Converter

Use to convert PNG/BMP/JPEG files into CleO compatible image format.

Generate Icons

Used to generate CleO compatible icons from same-size PNG/JPEG files.

Generate Font

Used to generate a CleO compatible font file "fticon" for printable ASCII codes only (codes 32 to 127).

Audio Converter

Used to convert MP3/WAV files into CleO compatible audio data format.

Video Converter

Used to convert video files into CleO compatible video data format.

DFU Upgrade

Used to upgrade user specified firmware of CleO.