Tutorial 03 - Displaying Bitmaps & Icons

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Tutorial 03 - Displaying Bitmaps & Icons

This tutorial shows how to draw images using the different CleO Graphics Primitive commands categorized under Bitmaps. This tutorial consists of the following topics which are discussed in detail in the forthcoming sections.



Loading Bitmap Files

This topic illustrates how to load the bitmap file using the LoadImageFile() command and then draw an image using the Bitmap() command.



Bitmap Types

This topic discusses the different kinds of bitmaps and their usage.



Bitmap Justification Parameters

This topic illustrates various types of bitmap justification parameters and their usage.



Bitmap Rotation

This topic illustrates bitmap rotation at various angle.



Animated Bitmap Example

This example shows how to add animation effects on the bitmaps.



Bitmaps at Angles

This topic illustrates how to draw bitmaps at various angle.



Scaling Bitmaps

This topic illustrates how to scale bitmaps using the BitmapTransform() command.



Loading Icons

This topic demonstrates how to draw icons by loading the images file using the LoadIcon() command.