Project 10 - A Digital Voltmeter

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Project 10 - A Digital Voltmeter

This project displays a Rotary Pot IO reading using the seven segment font.





This project uses the following component(s) -


Rotary Pot IO



Wiring Diagram



Project 10-Digital Voltmeter





In the Setup() routine, it loads the seven segment font and stores its handle into the font variable. Here is the sample code snippet -


int16_t font;

void setup()



font = CleO.LoadFont("@Fonts/DSEG7ClassicMini-BoldItalic.ftfont");



The loop() routine reads the value from the analog pin A0 and rescales it between 0 to 5000. It then prepares the string buffer using this value and draws on screen using the StringExt() command. Here is the code snippet -

void loop() {

 int analog = analogRead(0);     // sample analog pin A0

                          // CleO IO - Rotary Pot connects to CN11

 int mv = 5000L * analog / 1023; // rescale to milli-volts, 0-5000

 char buf[9];


 sprintf(buf, "%d. %03d", mv / 1000, mv % 1000);


 CleO.StringExt(font, 160, 240, LED_RED, MM, 0, 0, buf);








Project 10 - A Digital Voltmeter