Known Issues and Limitations

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Known Issues and Limitations

The following are some known issues and limitations of CleO35 and PC Tools application -




Widgets are implemented only for portrait mode.

Recorder supports only Portrait mode, and CleO commands are blocked until the exit button is pressed from the UI. The Video is recorded without AVI file format and is in a simple form.

Perform calibration for every firmware upgrade.

DFU does not support the eFlash upgrade. Run the Arduino sketch (Loadflash.ino) for a flash update with the FLASH image present in the SDCARD under the "System" folder.

ScreenCapture works only for Portrait Mode.

FFT library used in Project15 (A Spectrum Analyzer Display) is compatible with atmega328 core.

Power may be insufficient for some of the hardware setup, providing DC power supply will solve this issue. eg CleO50 + Arduino DUE + usb power from desktop (500mA) may show audio noise or sceen flicker due to insufficient current.

Arduino IDE versions 1.6.5, 1.6.7 have issues with bossac and are not able to upload the sketch to DUE module.

Out of boundary parameter values for few of the commands are not handled correctly. Image saved using Capturescreen with SetBackgroundVideo does not work correctly. Few Combinations of setbackgroundcolor/setbackgroundgradient/setbackgroundimage/setbackgroundvideo has issue.

Arduino v1.6.5 has compilation issue for few projects, recommend to use above v1.6.5 version.

CleO35 Webhelp has a minor issue on expand and collapse buttons on the Table of Contents frame with chrome. It works fine with Internet Explorer and Firefox.


PC Tools


This application needs to write data to the same directory as the user's input file. Users must ensure that the location of their input file is writable by this application. Otherwise, it may fail.

CleO firmware supports the most common formats of PNG/JPEG/BMP files. The following table provides the requirements for different format files -


File Format


PNG Files

Non-interlace mode

Non Adam-7 encoding

Bit depth 8

Color types except 4 (Alpha channel plus grayscale)

JPEG Files

Baseline DCT encoding

Not more than two DQT

BMP Files

Windows BITMAPINFOHEADER format only

24-bit pixel format

No pixel array compressing used. i.e. DIB offset 30 is set to BI_RGB


If the PNG/JPEG/BMP files are encoded with different options, use the PC Tools Image Converter utility to check if it is CleO compatible and if not convert the format before downloading to CleO.