Generate Font

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Generate Font

The Generate Font utility is used to generate a CleO compatible font file "fticon" for printable ASCII codes only (code 32 to 127). To prepare CleO consistent font data, Open Type or True Type font file can be used as the input file.


The following steps will guide you through to generate font files using the PC Tool's Generate Font utility -


1.Click CleO Module Tool -> Generate Font.



2.The Generate Font utility user interface is displayed.


3_Generate Font_UI


3.Select the "Input File" by clicking the "Browse" button. The selected file should be of Open Type or True Type font file.


4.Select the "Output Folder" under which you want to store the generated font file by clicking on the "Browse" button.


5.Select the "Output Format" from the drop down combo box.


3a_Generate Font_UI


6.Select the "Font Size" by clicking on the size control.


7.Upon providing all the input parameters, click "Generate".


8.Upon successful generation, the status of the font generation is shown in the "Result" field, and a preview of the generated font file is displayed in the Preview pane.


3b_Generate Font_UI

9.Click "Open Output File Location" to access the generated font file. The output font file will be using the same name as that of the input font file without any extension. The font file will be suffixed with a .ftfont extension. You will also find a .png file under the same directory. This .png file will provide a preview of the generated font.


For example, if the name of the input font file used for conversion is Jost_Futuristic_Style.ttf, then the generated font file will be named as Jost_Futuristic_Style.ftfont and the .png file will be named as Jost_Futuristic_Style.png.


3c_Generate Font_UI