DFU Upgrade

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DFU Upgrade

The Device Firmware Upgrade utility is used to upgrade user specified firmware for CleO. You just need a DFU capable USB device to perform the update, and the rest is taken care by the open source "dfu-util" when invoked.



Hardware Setup Verification


The following steps will guide you through to verify the hardware setup for DFU Upgrade -


1.Ensure that the USB cable is properly connected to CleO35 module (as shown in the picture below) before you start the DFU upgrade -


DFU Upgrade


2.In your PC, navigate to Control Panel -> Device Manager and verify whether the "WinUsb Device" Driver is ready (as shown in the picture below) -




Verify whether the driver is working correctly by accessing the "WinUsb Device Properties" window. This window can be accessed

by right-clicking on the "WinUsb Device" and selecting "Properties" (as shown in the picture below).





DFU Upgrade using PC Tools


The following steps will guide you through to perform the DFU Upgrade using the PC Tool's DFU Upgrade utility -


1.Upon verifying the device status, you are now ready to perform the DFU upgrade. From the PC Tools menu, click CleO Module Tool -> DFU Upgrade.





2.The DFU Upgrade utility user interface is displayed. Click "Upgrade Firmware".




3.A progress bar showing the firmware upgrade in progress is displayed on the CleO35 Module.