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The PC Tools application uses the ffmpeg and dfu-util open source software in the binary form.

Elm-chan FATFS has been utilized for SDCard File System.

We would like to acknowledge the following authors for their contribution towards the icons -


1.Maxim Basinski


3.Morning Train

4.Betterwork (

5.Xavi Sanchez Mir

6.Marco Martin


Third Party License Information


ffmpeg / PCF8523 Arduino Library is licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License (LFPL) version 2.1

dfu-util is licensed under GPL version 2.

Openpyxl / HDC1080 Arduino Library is licensed under MIT License

RDA5807M is licensed under BSD style license

FFT is licensed under GPLv2

Icons used in this software are from with free commercial license permission or LGPL license.