Audio Converter

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Audio Converter

The Audio Converter utility is used to convert MP3 / WAV files into a CleO compatible audio data format.


The following steps will guide you through to perform the audio conversion using the PC Tool's Audio Converter utility -


1.Click CleO Module Tool -> Audio Converter.


2.The Audio Converter utility user interface is displayed.


4_Audio Converter_UI


3.Select the "Input File" by clicking the "Browse" button. The selected file should be of WAV / MP3 format. Upon selecting the input file, the meta-data like input folder name, encoder, duration, sample rate, etc. are displayed in the "Log" field.


4a_Audio Converter_UI


4.Select the "Output Folder" under which you want to store the converted output file by clicking on the "Browse" button.


5.The "Output Format" combo box field defaults to "16 Bit Signed PCM" as CleO currently supports only this format.


6.Select the "Output Sample Rate" from the drop down combo box.


7.Upon providing all the input parameters, click "Convert".


8.Upon successful conversion, the status is shown in the "Result" field.


4b_Audio Converter_UI


9.Click "Open Output File Location" to access the output file. This output file will be using the same name as that of the input file and will be suffixed with a .wav extension.


For example, if the name of the input file used for conversion is Sleep Away.mp3, then the output file will be named as Sleep Away.wav.



4c_Audio Converter_UI